Day 1 in Rwanda

The sun peaked through from behind the clouds of an evening Rwandan sky; God was smiling down upon us as we sang praises, danced unto the Lord (especially Ford, ask to see the video evidence), and heard the gospel anew. It was our first full day in Rwanda with our brothers and sisters at the Runda Parish. We worshipped together with them at an “evangelism convention”, planned to reach out to more folks in the community. One particular moment stands out from the rest. Pastor Charlotte preached an evangelistic sermon in Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda, to those who were gathered together at the close of the day. As I sat listening to a language I could not understand, I was moved by the power, passion, and conviction in Charlotte’s preaching, clear evidence of the Spirit’s presence in this place. This reminds me that God moves in ways that are far beyond our comprehension and that he is truly a God to be seen and experienced all throughout the world. Imana ishimwe (God be praised).