And you thought a Unity Service was long...

Rwanda Team - DAY 2 and 3

Today, our 2nd day in Runda, was simply amazing. We were able to break out into the people and spend special time with many of their groups from the youngest to the oldest. We were part of talks about honoring our parents, not being looked down on because of our age, how to live as a chosen people, and even a little sex education. We were full of laughter and joy while playing 20 questions with the compassion children, learning their games, and letting them touch our Muzungo hair J!

We taught over 100 children an oldie but a goodie; “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it…..”. Later in the afternoon we got to preform our hit for the convention. It was great. It may not be playing on the local Kigali airwaves anytime soon, but it’s a version we won’t be able to forget.

And even though the videos of us dancing and singing should definitely fall under a “What happens in Rwanda stays in Rwanda” category we will be sure to share them with you. What a great joy it has been to be worship and be with our sister church. It is only the beginning of our relationship but strong bonds are already being formed.

The cherry on top of today was being reunited with our luggage. All of the women are rejoicing with their products and Benji and Ford now have razors. You should all be disappointed that you did not get to see Ford with a mustache.

Sunday began with some morning exercise (squats) by using a traditional toilet in Keyenzie. Things were all up hill from there. While in Keyenzie we were able to participate in an inaugural church service for a new Chapel. We witnessed a confirmation service, partook in communion, and worshipped together. After the 6 hour (no seriously) service we were revived by lunch at the new pastor’s home. It has been wonderful to be with them as they embark on the same journey we have been on for the past year. We felt a special connection with them sharing similar feelings and challenges that come along with planting a church.

So after 3 days in Rwanda, and 20 church service hours later we now have the equivalent of 4 months of church. So see you some time in November!