Rwanda 2017 Trip Summary

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.     — Psalm 145:3

This was my 6th trip to Rwanda, “The Land of a Thousand Hills!”  As our friendship and partnership grows, each trip becomes more special!  This year was particularly marvelous as we partnered with Runda Parish, Church of Gikomero and Shyogwe Diocese to spread the Gospel.  The HOLY SPIRIT’s presence was poured out on everyone in a powerful way when the JESUS Film was shown!

We saw God’s faithfulness as over three hundred adults and children committed or recommitted their lives to Jesus in response to sermons and the showing of the JESUS Film in their native tongue. We showed the film three different times. 120 people attended the first showing at Runda Parish, RAC’s Sister Church and 20 people gave their lives to Christ.  The second showing was in the old church building in Gikomero, and over 1000 school kids jammed in to see it. They were literally spell bound!


Several of the kids openly wept at the trial and crucifixion scenes. In the evening, 300 adults and some kids attended. A Rwandan Campus Crusade worker narrated some key moments in the film and even led the crowd in cheers and hallelujahs! He then issued the invitations and both prayed with and provided followup instructions for those who had committed their lives. All of us were in awe of the effect of this movie! The JESUS Film project gifted the diocese with the projector, battery, solar powered recharger, screen and film (all of which fits in a backpack) with the agreement that the film be shown 150 to 300 times over the next three years. Bishop Jered Kalimba assured Patrick (Pastor of COTA) that this will be “no problem!” as they have the capacity and enthusiastic desire to do so. We were very encouraged to hear from one Zibrie, Accountant for Shyogwe Diocese, that she had given her life to Christ at age 7, when she had seen the JESUS Film! We rejoiced in God’s goodness and faithfulness, when Patrick and I preached on Sunday (he at Gikomero, me at Runda) as about 35 people responded to the invitation to receive Christ. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Wednesday we spent the day with Runda Parish and Muganza Chapel. I was in awe as the Catachist of Muganza Chapel, Athansia, led Pre-school children in reciting the entire story of the Bible; from Creation to Jesus return! 

Pastor Jean Baptiste gave us the following prayer request for Runda Parish.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  1.   The Compassion International Project has 270 children.  They are in need of 2 more classrooms.

  2.   To generate income for the building of a new Church, they desire to build a Guest House for people from Kigali to conferences and meetings in western Rwanda.  This will provide jobs, generate income for a new Church and a salary for Pastor Jean Baptiste.  Currently his salary comes from Scripture Union organization.

  3.   Muganza Chapel’s desire to build a Church on the land RAC helped purchase.

A huge thanks to Redeemer for your prayers and support which helped make the 2017 trip to share time with our brothers and sisters in Shyogwe Diocese possible.  GOD’s faithfulness and steadfast love fills me with overwhelming gratitude.  Each day was a special gift and He receives all honor and glory!  Thanks be to God!

- Tersea