Ordinary Stories for Ordinary Time

Redeemer Family –

Several weeks ago we entered into a season of the church called Ordinary Time*. Throughout this season we’re going to be periodically sharing some stories of how the people of Redeemer are living out their faith in the ordinary places of their lives.

Our prayer is that several things would happen as a result of capturing these videos:

  • First, we pray that we would be encouraged as we hear stories about what the Lord is doing in the world through the people of Redeemer.
  • Second, we hope that we would get to know one another a little bit better as we hear one another’s stories and learn about one another’s desires and interests.
  • Finally, our desire is that as we hear the stories of how others are living our their faith, that we would all be encouraged to consider how we are living out our faith in the ordinary places of our own lives.

Below is a video that introduces this series. I hope you enjoy it.



Ordinary Time doesn’t get its name from the use of the word ordinary that we are accustomed to - meaning ‘normal’, ‘commonplace’ or ‘everyday’. Instead it gets its name from the term ‘ordinal’ which refers to the numbers by which we count the weeks of Ordinary Time (1st week of Ordinary Time, 2nd Week of Ordinary Time, etc.). In this series, however, we’re going to use a play on words and refer to Ordinary Time in its non intended meaning.