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During this Summer and Fall, Redeemer will journey through the story of the church recorded in the book of Acts. This story begins with Christ going up (i.e., the Ascension), the Spirit coming down (i.e., Pentecost), and the church going out (to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth). Acts artfully portrays the continuation of Christ’s ministry on earth in the lives of his church through the power of the Spirit. It is a story of the Kingdom of God emerging out of the resurrection and ascension of Christ. The Kingdom of God is coming on earth as it is in heaven. New creation is here! New creation (i.e., the Kingdom of God) is embodied in the lives of ordinary folk who have encountered the risen Christ through the apostles’ preaching and the testimony of transformed lives. As a result, a new people formed, a new social reality created out of the division and fragmentation that has marked human history since the Garden of Eden.   


As the story of the church, Acts is our story; it is our family history. Indeed, Acts calls every generation of the church to inhabit this story in the face of ever-changing circumstances. This summer and fall we want to learn our story and embody it in our church, our homes, our neighborhoods, our work, and our city. To this end, in addition to engaging this story through our Sunday morning services, we have created a resource list of ways that you can engage this story in your own homes and personal devotional lives this summer.  Our prayer is that every member of Redeemer would take time this summer to read and engage this story and to consider our lives in light of the lives that we see lived in the early church: Are we doing the same things they were doing? Are we being about the same things they were about? These resources and studies can help us in that direction.

We pray that they will be a blessing to you and your family as together we journey through the book of Acts

Studying scripture +

We hope you’ll study the book of Acts at home along with us through a series of tools and resources we’ve put together to help you get more out of the journey.

Breaking Bread Together (242 Small Groups) +

242 Image Early this Summer we’re launching Redeemer’s take on small groups with a series of 242 Groups. These open-circles for adults and children alike are a place to know and be-known as believers come together weekly to share a casual meal, pray and build community among those where we live. These (come as you are, come when you can) groups are being formed following the teaching of Acts 2:42 where believers:

"devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."

Groups are being formed across our church community based (loosely) on location. Current groups include:

  • 242 North (coordinated by the Sedacas)
  • 242 Central (coordinated by the Davis')
  • 242 East (coordinated by the Jordans)
  • 242 Midtown (coordinated by the Troxlers)
  • 242 Wade (coordinated by the Lanes)

If you are interested in hosting, joining or forming a group in your area, contact Rebekah Sedaca.

Making Disciples (Children and Students) +

Our children and students are joining us in our Acts journey with coordinated KidsTime (weekly) and BigTime (biweekly) lessons. They are also invited to contribute Pentecost bulletin artwork and pick-up series-related activity clipboards for use during worship services. Student activities this Summer will also include a brief discussion around select verses in Acts. You can also expect to receive weekly family devotions from Acts in your inbox!

Praying and Worshiping +

This summer we’re planning monthly evenings of prayer and praise to worship the risen Lord. On these Thursday nights, the Intercessory prayer team will be available for those seeking prayer and intercession.

Join us on August 9th from 7-8:30pm at Mt. Sinai for a time of worship, to lift up the specific needs of our community, and to thank God for all he is doing in our midst. Coffee and childcare provided. Please RSVP to Rebekah Sedaca. if you need childcare.

Sharing the Gospel +

This Fall we’ll be equipping adults with tools, testimonies, encouragement and opportunities to reach out and share our faith with others in our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.